Hello again, I haven’t forgotten about you nor given you up. It was just life that came in between. I am so eager to start writing here again.

Good to be back

Thanks for all of you visiting while I was away 🙏🏻💕.

Its impossible said Pride. Its risky said experience. Its pointless said reason. Give it a try whispered the heart ❤️

I am in the “starting a new year” mode. I have been thinking about, “What are my plans and priorities for 2019?”

What about my goals and visions?

I am planning to be more active on my platforms. Especially this blog.

The goal is to make it more than an inspiration, to make it a plattform to go to when you want information. I am not nutrition specialist nor a doctor or a trained personal trainer. I just want to share information that I think is relevant in the areas of wellbeing, autoimmune protocol (AIP) in combination with an ordinary life and the same with training and mental training. I would like to share what I love within these areas. I assume this is the reason why people do blogs, to share their views of their hobbies or lifestyles? And well, her you can find my personal views mixed with interesting facts.

I am so glad you are here visiting, you are very much welcome 🤗❣️

In the future I hope you also will find a webshop selling AIP stuff here on my page.

And another goal is to post on youtube more often. I really like youtube media, please visit me there also AIP4Life on youtube❣️

Welcome 💕❣️😘