CHOOSE health, because you are worth it

Welocome to a page all about finding better health just by being more aware of what you eat, how you move and what you have on top of mind! Why? Because you deserve it. Do it for you.

Trainingclothes with personal prints

Walking, running, climbing, what is your favourite exercise?

Eat clean - thank yourself later

Imagine if you could improve your energy levels just by choosing the right food?

One thing at the time - namaste

What if you start doing one thing at the time. Being present in each moment?

Are you curious?

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Here you can find recipes and training motivaiton. 


Get inspired by daily post of training, diets and goals for AIP4Life health journey


Here you can find my deeper thoughts and analysis of nutrition, training and finding your inner peace. 

Why I started with AIP, active rest and daily movement?

When I started to see my health improve by change of diet, I started AIP4Life as a platform to learn more about antiinflammatory diet and clean eating.


I started my journey searching for better health 2016. Not because I wanted to live healthy but because I could not stand being so unhealthy anymore and thought why not try it?


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