I strive to eat more veggies and here I will share a new AIP recipe which comprises a lot of veggies. This is a really easy to make and you can prepare the nomato sauce and the ”No cheese” in advance. Soo good thanks to too much garlic + garlic spice..

This recipe is preparation of 12 large portions PREP TIME 25 minutes

COOK TIME 20 minutes

TOTAL TIME 45minutes



Nomato sauce:

Carrots 500g

One package of beetroot (4large beetroots) (preboiled)

Salt, 1/2 Tea spoon (I use brand himalayan salt)

2 small garlic , minced

1 tablespoons of oregano

1/2 dl olive oil

1/2 dl apple cider vinegar

0,5 dl mixed fresh basil

How to do it:

Mix all ingredients in a mixer until you get a smooth mixture. Let the sauce boil for 0,5-4h on the stove before using it.

“No cheese” cheese sauce🧀;

1 yellow squash

1 whole cauliflower

1dl coconut oil

Juice from One lemon

2 dl water

14 teaspoons of gelatin

2 garlic

1/4 dl Apple cider vinegar

How to do it:

Mix all ingredients except the gelatin.

Let them boil for 8 minutes. Transfer the mix to a mixer again and add the gelatin powder in small portions while mixing.

Now it is ready to use. Let it cool an you will get a nice cheese. In this recipe you can use it directly as a sauce.

One the side;

Serve with spinach or salad

AIP lasagna ❤️

4 squash

Nomato sauce and cheese sauce above

1kg Grass fed minced meet

1-2 Tea spoon Salt

1 Tea spoon dried Garlic spice

How to do it:

  • Rinse and chop the squash in long slices
  • Fry the meat and spice it with salt (1-2 tea spoons) and 1 Tea spoon dried garlic spice
  • Use two oven forms, start to add nomato sauce in the bottom.
  • Continue with adding One layer of squash
  • Then add minced meat and top with cheese sauce and then repeat once more so the lasagne has cheese sauce on the top When you are finished.
  • Put the oven forms in the oven (15- 20 minutes, 220 C).
  • Serve with chopped salad or spinach.
Nomato sauce first
Squash on top of the nomato sauce
Minced meat on top of squash layer
Cheese sauce on top of minced meat- repeat One more time and the lasagne has cheese sauce on the top before it is time to put it in the oven.

I hope you like it!

I try to eat as much ecological products as possible so when you go grocery shopping, look for ecofriendly. Did you try to make this recipe? Tag @aip4life on Instagram and use hashtag #aip4life and let me know what you think 🙏🏻💕