I think it is hard to find AIP compliant food when I travel. Now I have been eaating according to the autoimmune protocol for over 2 years and I have only recently discovered that it os ok to eat tuna (in water with only salt added).In sweden we have a brand called ABBAS that have AIP complinat tuna. Now a new world opens with new food combinations that does not even need a kitchen beacuese this canned tuna is ready to eat.The first I tried to cook was tuna wraps. Recipe: 1 can of tuna, 1 clove of garlic, 1/2 of red onion6 olives (for example ZETA ecological olives brand in sweden or any olives without additives), 1 cup of coconut cream (only brand Garant in sweden has the right texture), salt.chop the onion, olives and garlic in small pieces. Mix all ingredients and serve with salad leafes and avocado and cucumber as toppings. Enjoy