Is there such a thing as a AIP compliant cinnamon rolls? Well we just had “Cinnamon rolls day” in Sweden so I had to make one. I know that there are recipes with buns using cassava flour. I react to cassava so those are not for me.

I made one cinnamon roll. It is completely vegan and is made out of four ingredients;

1 banana

4-5 dates

1 table spoon of Cinnamon

Coconut shred for topping

I started with mixing the dates with the cinnamon until I got a brown chewy dough.

Then I sliced the banana in thin long slices and spread the brown filling on one side of the banana slice. Use all filling. I formed the banana with the topping into a cinnamon roll shape and sprinkled some coconut shred on top. Voila an AIP cinnamon bun is made

It tasted really good like a bun which is a little undercooked so it almost taste a bit of cinnamon dough..

I hope you like it❣️