I have been on vacation to Toronto, Canada. I wanted to share places where I found something to eat according to AIP in Toronto.. Well I found almost no places, it has probably to do with that I did not have that much time searching. But I can show you what I ate.

If you do not know what AIP is, Read more here What is AIP?

Airport food

On the air port at Heathrow, London Between flights I found a restaurant called Giraffe and they had Sirloin steak on the menu, I ordered it plain with green salad and it saved my trip over to Canada 🇨🇦 since I forgot to bring my food packages that I had prepared.

When in Toronto

I eat a lot of fruit and my body tolerates it well, this saves me on trips since fruits are easy to find and to eat without need of cooking.

AIP breakfast

Breakfast is always full of fruit for me. This was also the case when I was in Toronto.

At my hotel, they served American style breakfast, white bread, juice, tea/coffee and cereals.. BUT they also served fruit (bananas and apples) so I ate fruit and tea the first morning. The juice was not 100% natural so I skipped that.

Grocery shopping

I survived the first morning but I felt the need to find my own food so that I could relax and not be stressed over finding food on the rest of my trip. I found a food store, Coppa’s Fresh Market on the map nearby my hotel so there I went. I was surprised in a positive way, the fruit and veggies section was over expectation and they also had cold pressed fruit and veggies juices.


This is what I got on my first shopping round;

(Almong milk is not AIP and was for my son, rice crisps are not AIP and was also bought for my son). Plaintain crisps was for me, had palmoil salt and plaintains.. I ate them but I am not sure if Palm oil is AIP.

The pre cut food was very convenient to bring on the trips we were going to do sightseeing in Toronto.

Freshly squeezed

Here I found a veggie smoothie which was AIP.

We did sightseeing , here the CN tower.

I brough my own lunch, melon and veggies;

The next day we were heading towards Niagara falls, this was my breakfast, parsil Tea, Tea, mango, raspberries, melon.

This was my dinner the same night, I bought frozen schrimps at the store (whole food Market) and also saurekraut.

The next day I ate pre cooked chicken for lunch. I found the chicken at Whole food market, cooked with olive oil , Rosemary garlic and salt.

This dinner was also from Whole foods, canned salmon with olives (both only comprising water and salt)

When ordering food to my son I got this beautiful tea💕

This was breakfast before visiting the NHL hall of fame

One morning I ate cactus pear, tasted like a mix of cucumber and pear.

This lunch box I found at the Wholefood market 🙏🏻💕

Juice places saves me

Juice is easy to find at juice shops, this one was a ginger shot!

Toronto walls

I just love these walls I found in Toronto. I loved this city. I can not say it was easy to find AIP foods but I survive.

I bought my own juice and drank juice (100% natural) for breakfasts

This was another juice I found; 100% natural and cold pressed.

This was my food pics and food experienced from Toronto. I did not eat out that much. Eating bought groceries was safer. But I hope you got some inspiration for your future travels

With love