Ok, what if you are eating clean food, following the autoimmune protocol etc and you still do not get the effect that you want, you still have symptoms from your joints or your skin or your gut. What to do now?

I can start to say, I am not an expert in this area at all, but I still want to share my experience.

Before I got problems with my gut I never thought of food as an help for our body to heal.

I thought of food as fuel. And that too much fuel leads to too much weight.

Now I see food as the support our body need to heal ourself.

Therefore I try to eat food that make me stay healthy and try to add herbs that can help support my body to keep parasites away.

If I had problems which I could not manage with food (symptoms which an ordinary doctor where unable to help me with), I would definitely try to meet some expert of functional medicine which could guide and advice around herbs that can help to support specific organs and herbs that can get rid of parasites or whatever the problem could be.

I think my background as Chemist (working in the Pharma industry) and also background as Patentagent has made me more “closed” towards these types of “cures”. The research in food and herbal effects for supporting our body to heal is not done in the same way as when you test for new drugs in the pharma industry (and never will). But this does not mean that there is no academic research evidence for that food and herbs contribute to better health.

And if you are sceptic (as I was), and have symptoms from the gut, skin or joints that no one can help you with. Why not try to change your diet. Not for the weight, for the health improvements that will follow.

Nowadays I eat regulary a lot of herbs and fruits and veggies that are antifungal or good against parasites.

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If you are curious to learn more about herbs, here are some sites that tell you more about supportive foods:

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But I would advice to contact some functional medicine expert and not try on your own if you need a cleanse program. Some of these herbs are really potent and can be harmful if taken in the wrong way.