I love to prepare foods that I can eat on the go. AIP Chips are really good to eat when you go for a trip since they comprise lot of fat which will keep you full and they are a good complement to fruits (which also are easy to bring on a trip).

Here is a recipe of Kale chips. Kale is a super healthy veggie which is amoung our most nutrient dense veggies out there. It is perfect for a chips base. I make them with different oils, please try it out and see which are your favourite.

How to?

Finley mince your kale, remove thicker stalks.

Add an AIP compliant oil. My favourites are avocado oil or olive oil.

Massage the oil into the kale.

Spread out the kale on a oven plate. Only one layer kale on each plate.

Add salt (I use Himalayan salt).

Be aware that you need less salt than you may think. Add less that you think and add more later if needed.

Heat oven to 200 degrees Celcius.

Let the kale cook for 10-12 minutes, check oven before time is up since kale can burn quite fast.

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