I have started to running runstreak, well 260 days ago. At first I did not like it, it somehow maked mee fell that it gave me pressure to run EVERY day even though my body needed a rest day. However, in reality it really works great. If I feel tired in the morning I can use the day to get some extra rest and run in the afternoon instead.

During these 260 days I have had the fever one morning but it went away in the evening. I got fever after a visit at a restaurant (I am really sensitive to gluten and on restaurants I sometimes get a reaction even though I don’t order anything with gluten). But almost all other days has been WONDERFUL. That is quite fantastic. My body works so fine nowadays. It is all about the AIP food that seems to be the key for me to feel good. Before AIP my body could not move at all before getting soar and inflamed. I am so thankful when my body wants to work together with me 👌.

Today we had a really still morning, just watching our son play hockey (on the tv), fixing in the garden, eating breakfast outdoors.. When I get this type of time to rest in the morning, when the start of the day slow, my body almost craves to go running.

We ate an easy lunch, our home grown salad and burgers made of ground beef together with some squash. Not too dense food before a running.

And since we celebrated runstreak 260 I was curious to go running a little bit longer than usual. There is a trail nearby that is 15k long and it is quite technical, much uphill and downhill. This run was the choice of the day! And it WAS a heavy, but 15k was quite ok after all.. Not much harder then to run 10k. And we made it 🥰❤️🙏🏻🤩🙌🏻

The feeling after a run is always the best. If you feel stressed before a run, the feeling after is calmness in the body and the mind. I just love it. I actually think it is quite addictive because even though I run everyday I can long for the next run. I have become quite crazy.. But in a good way 😜..

The rest of the day will be about recharging, eating a good dinner.. Getting ready for a work week.

How was your Sunday?

Have you ever tried a runstreak?