I have tried low histamine diet for one month. I normally eat according to AIP but I can still feel tired some days and I did have indications of leaky gut after taking tests that’s why I decided to try it.

At first on the low histamine diet I did not feel that much difference. But my skin got better after a few weeks and I did have less red rashes.. so that was a a small improvement! I also feel that I got less stollen in my face in the Mornings.

Daosin supplement

When eating low-histamine I also ate Daosin (Diaminooxidase enzyme which can be helpful if you naturally have lack of DAO that breaks down histamine in your gut). I think that I actually was a little bit more energized after about three weeks on this diet. But still this is really hard to tell. Anyway, after eating low histamine diet for one month I started to eat high histamine foods again. I did not feel that much difference on the first two days.. but on the third day I ate smoked salmon in combination with strawberries and lemon and I felt really nauseous 🤮.. a tablet of DAO did help but the whole day and the day after I was really tired and also got some swollen edema on my body.. And now when I got them back I remembered that I actually had these before eating low histamine and that they had dissapeared eating low histamine and now reappeared eating high histamine again.. So my conclusion is now that I am sensitive to histamine and that DAO supplement do help me. I have no idea if this is a correct conclusion.. but the best I can guess for now.

I am sensitive to histamines

So.. now I have concluded that a low histamine diet does help me.. the next step is to eat low histamine again.. start to include bone broth and collagen (even though it is not low in histamine) in order to heal my gut..

If this doesn’t help I need to look into if I have need to heal from some non wanted bacteria (that I also earlier found out that I have in my gut).. but maybe this low histamine diet might help to heal my gut.. lets see..

If you have any experience on this topic, please let me know. Histamine intolerance is not a disease it is a symptom and the hard thing is to figure out the real problem behind the symptom..

Well I will keep you posted 😘💞🔥

Are you curious about learning more about low-histamine diet?

Here is a link the list that I have chosen to follow in order to eat low histamine : SIGH list

I think it was a little but unclear which food is high in histamine and which food is low and on top of this, some foods are activators of histamine release in your body..

But all animal protein which is handled / or stored in warm temperature gets high in histamines. The key is to eat fresh meat..