I have not been so active here in a while but now I feel ready for a new start with the blog. We are heading for autumn and I will get more time indoors.


I don’t know what you are interested to read about. I am thinking about sharing my AIP recipes but also tell you a little about my day. If you have read some of my previous blog posts I am all about morning routines and setting the intention and mindset in the morning..

So will of course continue to talk about these things ❣️🙏🏻


Today I started with sleeping 😴 late and then we ate breakfast outdoors. I just love to sit by the pool and eat breakfast (happens only in the summer).. I feel so blessed.

After breakfast we started to fix our bathroom. We have started a mini renovation and painting the ceiling and the upper part of the walls was on the agenda today. Not that fun but I think the result will be nice.. Here is a before picture 😅🙈

I can show you an “after” picture when we are ready 😻..

Another thing that I do everyday is running, usually together with my husband 🙌🏻. I am always running at least 2k but usually a bit longer. Today I did celebrate “run streak” day 253 and we ran a trail that is 5k, there is a nice lake nearby where you can take a swim afterwards.. so nice. I really enjoy a nice run with good company.

The lake view 👆🏻

Dinner plans

I eat AIP (see previous blog posts if you are curious to know more about AIP) and I also try to eat mostly low histamine food since I feel that my body gets “more rest” then. My family usually eat what I eat but they also eat potatoes 🥔 and other non-AIP food.

Today we did eat chicken. I usually buy “Bosarps” ecological chicken (Bosarp is a Swedish brand) which is really expensive but it is with it to pay for good meat.

Recipe for the chicken I can share later, here are some pictures;

I really like the taste of this chicken, and the combination with different veggies 💝..

This evening we will just finish the bathroom and also take a walk with my dogs. I have two large dogs and they need a lot of my time , which I am glad to give 🥰🙏🏻❣️

Since a few years back I have the intention to live an active life with lots of movement and I try to actively find things to do that makes me more active.. Maybe because I am quite lazy as a person?? 🤣🤪

Thank you for reading this far- please comment below if you want me to write about a specific topic in my next blog post❣️