Are you already eating Vegan but have health issues or an autoimmune disease?

Do you wonder if it is possible to eat antiinflammatory diet/autoimmune paleo/AIP and eat only Vegan food?

The answer is yes. Bonebroth and meat are good sources of nutrition but some feel better not eating meat or for other reason choose to eat vegan.

I do not eat much meat, many days a week I eat Vegan AIP but I still eat meat and bonebroth since it is soothing for my stomach. However in the future I may be able to switch to complete Vegan AIP.

If YOU are curious eating a healing vegan AIP diet, here are some sites that can help you start:

My own vegan AIP recipes can be found here;

Here you can find a complete “go through” for AIP Vegan possibilities (from greenbanana girl .com, Angelica from New Jersey with lot of knowledge and reffering to her own healing):

Here are some more AIP vegan recipes;

Here are Vegan AIP recipe on Pinterest;

I hope you got some inspiration. Vegan and AIP is possible.

Best wishes