AIP (Autoimmune protocol, antiinflammatory protocol, antiinflammatory paleo or Autoimmune Paleo) is a diet or a diet program where you eliminate food that could irritate your bowel.

The AIP program is recommended to those who suffers from an autoimmune disease or have similar health issues, for example if you have inflammations, joint pain, fatigue or bowel issues for example.

In order to follow the program you have to change your diet quite much (most people). For those that already follow a Paleo diet, the change is not as big and only a few more food items needs to be excluded. But if you today eat a normal diet to follow the AIP diet will be a big change for you.

When you decide to follow this diet and life style, my advice is to be kind to yourself. Do not include that this diet should make you weigh less etc. Eat as much food as you need in order to keep satisfied and content (only AIP food of course), but do not start to reduce carbs or fat etc, eat as much as you need. WHen you adapted to this, then it can be good for you to know that some diseases might be improved even more if carbs is reduced but please do ot start with this from the beginning.

The conversion to eat only AIP food will be hard because you will have a hard time to find AIP food in restaurants and you will realize that you need to prepare food boxes and that plan the day is everything in order to stick with the program.

It is important that you stick with the program at least 3 weeks, or in some cases 5-8 weeks before you start to see some results.

If you today eat according to the FODmap program ( a special diet in rder to reduce IBS symptoms), hopefully, after eating according the AIP program you will be able to reintroduce AIP foods which are not FODmap friendly (for example garlic and onions).

From the start when I started on AIP I ate according to the FODmap protocol but now I can eat all food included in the AIP protocol. When my stomach healed I could tolerate FODmap foods, for example garlic, broccoli, leek, onions, fruits etc again.

Here is a list of food that are ok to eat according to the AIP protocol.

AIP4Life – A list of what you can eat :

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