I have earler told you about my morning “think scheme” which I want to start my day with instead of starting the day with various IG feed from my phone..

I am thinking about:

• WHO you want to be today- for example: strong, determent, focused?

• How do you want other people to feel when they are around you today- relaxed, happy, energized?

• One Idea about how you can act if you meet that person that usually drains you with energy- be polite, understanding, not meet on the same level?

• How can you plan this day in order to meet and surrounder yourself with people that gives you energy- call a friend? Plan for a lunch?

• How can you give something to another human today? Be kind. Always.

• What are you thankful for to have in your life? My family. My family. My family. My dogs. My family.

If you think you can do it, you can!

These kind of mind treatment makes all the difference in the mornings??❤️

Remember, you will find what you are searching for. If you want to find the good in people that is what you will find. If you look for the bad, then that is what you will find. You choose.

AND. You are enough.